Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reader Project: Guiseppe's Vendor's Tricycle

Friend of the OBB, Guiseppe (whose 1973 Schwinn tandem was one of the first Reader Projects) recently sent me photos of his new project, a vendor's tricycle of unknown make and vintage.

"A few days ago I found, beside a dumpster headed for the trash, a fixed gear vendor tricycle. Looks like it was once used to sell ice cream. The vending box is completely rotten, but the frame and all the bike stuff are great. Dirty, a bit rusty and in need of paint, but nothing I can't manage. A good friend of mine is a carpenter, and we plan to build a whole new unit for the front."

It looks like an amazing project, and I hope we'll be seeing some after photos soon.


  1. I want to find things like this! Never happens : (
    Hey, I will be in SD later this week!

  2. Ah, this is glorious! I've been looking for a decent example of a trade trike for a while now. Most of the local examples are two-wheeled versions with a simple frame in front for carrying a grocery box.

    The box and front wheels look like recent additions. The front leaf springs and rear footbrake suggest this was built to carry substantial weight up front over bad roads. Could it be Asian in origin?

    Good find!

  3. @ Adrienne: I know, right! All I ever find by dumpsters is, you know, trash. I'll see you later this week! Huzzah!

    @ balancedview: That's quite possible. I know very little about cargo bikes, but this does look to be either an older design, or perhaps just a timeless one. Guiseppe has visions of returning the bike to it's original function as a vendor. Methinks I would change vocations myself if I found something like this just waiting for me by the dumpster.

  4. I've wanted to have one of these for SOO long.. have the idea of how it would be cleaned up in my head and it'd be a great fun bike to have around, the only "new" part would be an internally geared hub.

  5. That's amazing! It's going to be a real gem once it's fixed up and restored. Can't wait to see the results.


  6. This is so exciting. Any photo we could see the results?