Friday, August 7, 2009

Blog Love: The Mixte Gallery

Boy, it has been a while since I did a blog love feature. What better way to get back into it than by promoting a new blog by an OBB reader. The Mixte Gallery, run by our friend Doohickie, delivers what it promises, and it needs your mixtes; or photos of them, at least. Not sure what a mixte is?


  1. Hey, thanks for the props!

    And everyone else: Go over to the gallery and enjoy the mixtes! If you have one you'd like to make famous, send it in and I'll get it up on the blog.

  2. Oh cool, that's my bicycle! Thanks for posting the photo. The Mixte Gallery is such a splendid idea. I am waiting for someone to post their Rene Herse!

  3. Call me an odd guy but to be honest I love that style frame myself. I am currently fixing up an old Panasonic Sport 1000 12 speeder. To me they make a great cargo type of bike. Anyways great lookin ride.

  4. What happened with the Mixte Gallery?
    Is it dead or was it really set as private? I cannot see anymore my favourite bikes... :(