Friday, August 28, 2009

Bicycles in the Kibbutz

Our friend Yanek of bicyclog in Israel has just posted a lovely photo essay of bicycles on a kibbutz.


  1. That's a really neat site, with pictures of really interesting bikes. Like this Condor in a previous post with mixte-ish top tubes ... but, like, not a mixte? Or is it a mixte, just not the step-through variety?

    ... and I spy a Raleigh Twenty! :D

  2. Yeah, Yanek has been a good friend of the OBB for a long time. One day I was pleasantly surprised to actually get a phone call from him, from Tel Aviv! We chatted very pleasantly for about a half-hour and it was sooo cool to put at least a voice to a person from the Interwebs. He's a really nice guy and he has a great eye for old bikes!

  3. Thom thank you verry much for this link! I knew you will find it interesting. I will call again I promise. \(º1º)/