Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There, I Fixed It

Just came across the blog There, I Fixed It, which seems to be some sort of cousin to FAIL Blog. In any case, I thought my readers might appreciate some of the "fixes" that people come up with. I like this one. Fire bicycle. Very clever.

I recently wrote a post at The World Awheel that's sort of relevant to the idea of creative solutions to problems, which readers here might also find interesting.

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  1. Yes, this bike is certainly no "Fail". It is very clever indeed.

    I saw these often in Beijing. The old city neighborhoods, called Hutongs, which literally means "Alleyways" are very narrow. The only way to get firefighting equipment in to those areas is bicycle or trike. A normal US-style Oshkosh truck would destroy the street if it tried to squeeze into one of the hutongs.

    Instead, the firefighters from the station near me would ride their Flying Pigeons out in a swarm of about 20-30 bikes. Given that most Hutong construction is brick and mortar, and only one story high, there is probably very little that many bikes can't tackle.

    You can read more about Chinese bikes at my blog.

    Or specifically about specialized service bikes in this post: