Friday, July 24, 2009

See, I told you...

...that old bikes are just as good as new ones. This caught my eye in a story at the San Diego News Network about two environmental advocates who bicycled from Vancouver to Tijuana to raise awareness of the plastic pollution in the North Pacific Gyre:
“Our bikes are both reused bikes,” Eriksen said of the bike he just rode for 2,000 miles. “The point is that it doesn’t take a huge investment to get a bike and to start riding it.”
I agree.


  1. I (perhaps wastefully) have four bikes that I regularly ride. they are between 15 and 43 years old. Total purchase price for all 4? $130. Even with with mods, maintenance and improvements I'm still under $500 spent on them. According to a website I use to track my mileage, I've saved about $2000 by riding bikes to work.

    So... I guess I agree with you.

    ;- )

  2. Hmm, I paid $100 for my second oldest bike alone. It's 37 years old. I'd hate to think how much I've spent on it. Of course, that $100 seems a lot less now than when I bought it - new.

  3. He's a great guy. Did some work with him - helping to reduce the plastic bottle waste in the ad/entertainment production industry. He rode his bike to my son's elementary school and gave a multimedia presentation to the kids about plastic waste. Awesome.