Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bicycle Chic(?) San Diego

I've been away on vacation, so haven't been posting for a while. Now I'm back, so I'll try to get a post up every once in a while. Summer is a hard blogging season, 'cause I'm out actually doing stuff and have less time to write about it.

Thought I'd share this photo of my wife and I taken on this month's Mid-City Bike Blast ride, which toured community and private food gardens in the City Heights area of San Diego.  It was a great ride. In the photo, I've gallantly offered my cycling cap to my wife, who was worried about sunburn, flipped up my collar, and soldiered-on. We actually look pretty happy, no?

Original photo (and others from the ride) here.


  1. Welcome back! And the two of you do look happy.

  2. I know that problem: Nothing happening to blog about or lots happening which and no time to blog... You do look happy though.

  3. Bike by the Sea is Southern California Cycle Chic. I chose a vague name because I have photos from both Santa Barbara (family's home) and San Diego (current home). And you hear SoCal used all the time.

    I'm tempted to start a San Diego Cycle Chic blog though. What do you think?

    I'm going to the bike event tomorrow, Sunday 26th in South Park (Velo Cult @4pm) and hope to meet you soon :)

  4. Christa, I think you should definitely start the San Diego Cycle Chic blog. Anything that builds a sense of community around here is much needed. I'm still trying to decide about the ride this afternoon. It might be too hot for me, I'm a real lightweight about heat.

  5. I finally met your wife (at least in a picture) she looks happy on the Coppertone.

  6. Anything that promotes cycling of anytype is well worth the effort. I am still riding a multi speed bike if slowly and short distances but any bike riding is fun.
    Try my blog.