Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Updates to the Huffeigh

Or, the trouble with buying leather saddles of largely unknown age and condition on eBay.

Be fairly warned. Towards the end of Sunday's Down Townies ride, my used Brooks B72 broke; tore apart right at the nose rivets. It wasn't dramatic or painful, and I knew exactly what happened right away. At least I was able to put a few dozen miles on it before it broke. And, fortunately enough, I had hinted strongly to my wife of my desire for a new Brooks B66 as a graduation present, and it happened to be ready on the afternoon this one broke. While picking up my new saddle at the shop, I also finally picked up a kickstand.

It's feeling good to get the Huffeigh outfitted as a daily rider. I had hoped, while I was investing many hours of work on it, that this bike would be a good ride, and I haven't been disappointed. Now that it's shaping up to be my main ride, I'm getting exciting about doing all of the finishing touches. I've also put on a salvaged rear rack and basket, figured out how to attach the chainguard without it rubbing, and together with the new saddle and kickstand, it becomes that much more useful and complete as a mode of transportation. Next, I'd really like to find a new retro-ish-looking headlamp and dynamo, and also get a pump for the frame.


  1. When you mentioned it broke I wasn't sure what you meant (i.e. how does a seat break?).
    Glad you got a new saddle.I think it is funny how I'm also often getting hints from my husband for things.

  2. Thom,this bike turned out beautifully! I absolutely love it,and kudos for making it the daily! :)
    I envy ya,my friend :-D

  3. http://www.velo-orange.com/spre.html

    A suggestion for a retro-light (LED/battery style).

  4. Interesting that is the same place my wife's B72 (that was sourced from another bike broke. We replaced hers with the B18 Lady...cost more than 2 of my bikes 8-0

    That Huffleigh is looking sweet!


  5. My Brooks B72 vintage 1973 is also tearing at the frt. rivets but has not popped all the way yet. Last winter I used it with a cotton cover over it for the two mile round trip on my Raleigh Twenty. (the black leather gives off black stain forever only Brooks that does that the other 3 are OK) I expected the B72 to tear off but has not yet and this year I will again use it with a sheepskin cover and see if it breaks this winter. Too bad Brooks does not recover since the frame is chromed and perfect. Thanks Ed and I enjoy your blog.