Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh, Canada! Part II: CCM Bicycles

The same reader who sent in the info on Canadian-built Raleighs also has this lovely 1973 CCM Elite (Canada Cycle & Motor Company). I particularly like the chainring. What is it about artful chainrings that's just so appealing?

Also, I wanted to share this awesome 1918 CCM catalog.


  1. I love the CCM. I am a fan being Canadian and all eh? I have restored a 5 speed CCM Elite mixte for my lovely wife. I am sending you my link for your perusal http://bykadelic.blogspot.com/2009/04/rebeccas-ccm-mixte.html

  2. Weird! I have a Reynolds 531 CCM road bicycle frame on eBay right now. Your blog is reading my mind. I'd never seen a CCM before. That chainring is very awesome. To see something like that one one piece cranks is very unique and cool.

  3. Chain rings are cool because they are round. Circular objects are just appealing.

  4. There's a pretty nice looking CCM for sale on Craigslist right now here in Dallas/Fort Worth.

  5. hey everyone. i just "rescued" a ccm-calico bicycle from my peepaws .i was wondering if anyonehas a picture so that i can restore it to it's original glory.any help will be appreciated.

  6. I have one of those ..in mint original condition
    all accessories ..was thinking of selling
    any idea of a price range ??

    at wotz101(removethis)@gmail.com

  7. Hi All

    I have been told that CCM built a trike that leans into the turn (torsion bar and linkage setup) Is anyone here aware of this and any info on them?



  8. hi have a 1980 ccm ladies breeze bike.excellant original condition.It has tires,bill of sale, carrier and licence plate that are original.North of toronto.cody two @hotmail.ca