Sunday, April 26, 2009

Down Townies Ride Report

Today's Down Townies ride took us around the 'hoods of South Park, Golden Hill, North Park, University Heights, Kensington, and Normal Heights and finally ended up at the Adams Avenue Folk Festival. This was one of largest rides we've had so far, and this contributed to a small group of us getting seperated at the back. Eventually, we lost the main group entirely. We're thinking of calling ourselves the Down Shifties. We are officially the slowest of the slow! Oh well, everyone knows the cool kids hang out in back.

Once we got seperated, we figured, hey let's do our own thing, and stopped at an excellent coffee shop owned by some friends of folks who were in our delinquent group of stragglers. I had the best chai latte I've had in a long time, and we got to chill with the owner for a while and meet some very awesome dogs. Gotta give a shout to Mystic Mocha.

The Down Shifties inaugural meeting.

The bikes had their own meeting.

The folk fest itself was rather "meh." There were a lot of vendors, more than anything else. Who buys window treatments at a folk fest anyway?  Saw the last few minutes of a great trio, but then it seemed like the music kind of dried up, and it didn't really seem all that folky or bluegrassy, either.

By that point, we decided we'd already had too much sun (whoo boy, we found out later just how much), so we headed home. I found a shiny new wrench laying in the middle of the street on the way home (just a small one, though), so the day wasn't a total bust. Oh, and the Huffeigh is a total blast to ride--nothing major has even gone wrong yet (knock wood).


  1. Today was a fun ride. I enjoyed our inaugural meeting as well.

    The sun must have gotten to me too as I was exhausted when I got home.

    Thanks for remembering the coffee shop's name. I plan on making another visit.