Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Be Vewy Quiet...

When hunting old bikes in the wild, it is best to approach downwind and observe them unawares. If they catch your scent, they will often run off, but can be easily tracked by the trail of rusty nuts and bolts they leave behind, as well as their trademark squeals. Spotted in Balboa Park last weekend; a Schwinn Racer, I believe, with a slightly different handlebar shape than mine.


  1. I just picked up an old Schwinn myself- a 1973 Varsity- that I plan to put tourist bars on and make my backup commuter.

  2. Mm, yes, in this part of the country, they frequently run with herds of cheap beach cruisers, hoping to blend in, but their tell-tale shifter cables and block pedals give them away.