Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why I Didn't Go on Today's Down Townies Ride

'Nuff said. Also why I did three blog posts today. It's really hard to dislike the rain when we get so little of it. It was wonderful to hunker down inside this morning and enjoy it. The wind this afternoon, I'm not so keen on.


  1. I agree. The rain won't hurt but as an old time sailor I have discovered that there are only 3 kinds of wind.
    None, Not enough and Way too much.
    I don't ride in the wind.

  2. Mudguards are needed for rainy time riding unless you want the rooster tail all over your back and front. Rain is a good thing not much grows without it and it gives one time to polish the bike if you stay home and get industrious. Eduard with the blinding glare when the glasses mist over and the headlites from traffic blinds you also at nite going slow for sure.