Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today's Down Townies Ride

The third of the local Sunday Down Townies slow rides took place today, this time with three stops: the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, Balboa Park (where a group of us enjoyed some tea, ice cream, and bean cake at the Japanese Tea Pavilion), and ending at local restaurant The Linkery for some locally-sourced, organically-grown tasty lunch, provided at a discount by the owner, who happens to be an SDBikeCommuter member. It was a pretty healthy ride, around 15 miles total, which was a bit more than we were planning for, but wonderfully cathartic.  It was just cool and cloudy enough to get warm after an hour or so in the saddle, and by the time we reached the park, the sun was starting to take over, and the day turned absolutely gorgeous. Springtime in San Diego is truly a blessing.

I'm afraid I was more focused on good conversation with new friends to snap many photos, but I got a few.

A lovely flowering tree in Balboa Park, near the United Nations Building.

Arriving at The Linkery

Molly's 1970 B.S.A., which I totally geeked-out over. Sorry, Molly.

Waiting anxiously for lunch! The light was weird, sorry for the blur.


  1. Molly's BSA is sweet- just needs a chainguard. My wife has a BSA motorcycles t-shirt, and the only comments she has gotten about it are about BSA weapons. A very appropriate shirt to wear on any English 3-speed, though.
    P.S. your link to the Tel Aviv bike blog doesn't work.

  2. Thanks, do you mean the link on the sidebar? I just tested it, and it's working for me. What happens when you click it?

  3. D'oh, sorry. The link did just work for me, but when I went in and checked it, the address was missing a "/". Not sure why it worked for me, but it should work for everyone now.

  4. I just found your blog and really like it, especially the header and the old poster in the sidebar. So what did you end up having for lunch? It looks like a nice place for lunch. Did you meet with a group of friends or can anybody just show up?

  5. @ Groover: Thanks! The Sunday rides are open to all, the more the merrier. Go to:

    and click on the Down Townies thread for the latest ride info. There is also usually a Craigslist event announcement the week before. Rides are every Sunday, starting from the Velo Cult bike shop in South Park at 8:30am (although there is talk now of changing the time to 9:00am). Rides are slow, relaxed, scenic, family friendly, and very congenial.

  6. Groover, I just checked your profile and see that you're in Australia. Well, if you ever make it to San Diego, you know where and when to show up!