Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reader Project: Mark's 1960 Phillips Manhattan

Back in the snowy throes of winter (which I suppose is still going on for many of you), Mark sent me a photo of his eBay find, a 1960 Phillips Manhattan. I got busy with finishing my dissertation, and Mark's email got slowly shuffled to the bottom of my inbox. So, finally, here it is. Says Mark:
I confess I found it on eBay. While my goal is to be thrifty it had no bidders but me--I think because the seller did not mention the words Sturmey-Archer, Raleigh, or dynohub--and only one poorish photo--so I couldn't resist. I was intrigued by the Manhattan from an post. I just made a post there with an interesting bit of Phillips to Raleigh transition history I ran across. As for what I am going to do with it, well I haven't even ridden one of these yet so I will minimally lube it, ride it a bit and then take it apart for a full job. I don't think I will repaint it, the 2-tone job and decals under the grime are neato, hope I will be lucky and have a working dynohub and lights from the get-go.
Best of luck to Mark, and I hope we'll see some after photos with a lovely spring-time backdrop.


  1. Thanks Thom--wow, those full chaincases can be tricky to get off,
    the cotters came out fine, the chain's quite rusty but seems to have emerged fine from 2 soakings in kerosene, then a wire brush

  2. @ MarcosLagoSalado: Can you say more about your struggles with the chaincase? I've never been lucky(?) enough to have to deal with one.

  3. Chaincase: well just my ignorance of them i guess...expected that after the removeable tailpiece i would be able to separate the chaicase in 2 halves...but no, it's one piece and the chainside cranks had to come off but didn't want to without persuasion.....then, finding the chain masterlink was trickky

  4. Ah, one piece, huh? I wouldn't have guessed. So you removed it by sliding it forward?