Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New York Bicycle Cop, ca. 1900

Ticketing the driver of one of the new-fangled automobiles.

Is it me, or is the guy on the bike at left laughing just a bit?


  1. That picture is just too neat!

    Reading your blog has now gotten me interested in English 3 speeds like the Raleigh. I thought it would be fun to find one and play with them and perhaps use it on a project to learn more about how bicycles were built long before fads took over.

  2. Cool! Working exclusively on old bikes, I know very little about modern bicycles. If it's not a cottered crank or a one-piece, I'm lost! And don't even get me started on derailers. But, really, most of the fundamentals are the same, and if you really want to learn how a bike works, an old one is a great place to start.

  3. Love the picture! I'm reading a book about the history of bicycling now so seeing it illustrated is great fun.