Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Huffy/Raleigh Rebuild Series #3

Hmm, this might actually be a bicycle! Eventually.

One-piece handlebar/stem from a J.C. Higgins found on eBay to replace the stem I had to saw through to get to the stuck stem bolt. Not a perfect match to the original two-piece set, but not bad, either, and dirt cheap.


  1. It *is* starting to look like a bike. A clean shiny one!

  2. That looks like the bend I have seen on many American three-speeds. Not sure I am fond of it compared to a true Northroads or a Phillips bend, but if the price is right, go for it!

  3. I agree, it's not quite as sharp a bend as on the original Raleigh bars, although the rise is comparable. I've noticed that both Raleighs and Schwinns (as the two flagship brands of their respective nations) have a wide variation in bar style depending on model and year.

    The actual usable area for grip, brake, shifter attachment is also about an inch shorter on these. I've made a couple of extenders from 1" dowel rod to fit in the end of the bars so the grips will be far enough back to allow the hand brake and shifter enough space.

    Which reminds me, gotta order some grips...

  4. does anyone know the value of a huffy pork chopper bike? I found 1 @ a thrift store & plan to hook it up.