Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY Battle Cries

I've recently come across several manifestoes, creeds, resolutions, etc. that all express some key elements of the DIY ethic in very articulate, succinct, and often humorous ways. The OBB is all about working on old bikes (or any bikes) yourself, so I thought readers might be interested in them. I don't agree with all of them, but most are pretty much right-on. Maybe I'll write one specifically for old bikes someday. Until then, enjoy these:

On a related note, see this post at GOOD about a DIY bike shop in Leipzig, Germany. Very cool idea!


  1. Hey Thom,

    Another great post. I liked the Maker's Bill of Rights the best, and the next two in the order they were listed as they tended to become more abstract.

    Some places where I think the Maker's Bill of Rights fits specifically with bicycles (not necessarily old bicycles) is the need to have specialized tools to do a certain job. I'm thinking of bottom brackets and cranks here as an example, where you have many different standards including two sizes that are met by my Park Crank Puller tool, then you have the octagonal one, the Shimano splined ones for which you need a special tool, and of course cottered cranks which are a whole other case. (Readers excuse me if I made any mistakes with my nomenclature ... I rank a few steps below an amateur.) But of course this got me thinking, how much of this is a case of innovative and improving design giving us the best bicycle parts, and how much of this is companies just coming up with a new standard so they can build and sell a new tool? I'm not expert enough to make a determination, but I do know that it's easier to remove a modern crank with my Park tool than it is to remove cottered cranks, which require "average tools" like a hammer and some blocks of wood for support.

    BTW I have the pics of the 1971 Raleigh Superbe in its untouched condition, will send you some links as soon as I get them up.

  2. @ ianchowmiller: You keep promising those photos--I'm still waiting! : )