Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reader Project: Peter's 1936 Hawthorne

From the same reader who brought us the electrolytic rust removal tip, comes this 1936(?) Hawthorne. Peter is yet another reader undertaking a refurbishment without prior experience, so I'm very happy to add his bike to the OBB Reader Projects ranks. Right now, Peter is focused on cleanup and rust removal, and is considering some work on the paint as well. I'm happy to offer the OBB archives (for what they're worth), as well as the information and resources links in the sidebar. Keep us posted, Peter, and happy wrenching!

Also, if anyone with Hawthorne expertise can offer a model or definitive date for this machine, please leave a note in the comments.

A bit more on Hawthorne here.


  1. Nice to be able to SEE the page today. Did you fix something?

  2. I wish I knew the first thing about what went wrong. It was a Blogger issue, which seems now to be resolved. Part of the fun of using a platform that you don't control!

  3. Thom,
    Thanks for the link to Dave's vintage site, I spent many hours and barely scratched the surface. In 1936 I would go with my mother to Montgomery Ward and drool over the new bikes, knowing there was no money to buy one. Probably why I have so many now.

  4. Hi,
    We found a rare 1936 hawthorne zep bike on Orcas Island.
    Barn find, It has a very unique chain guard and under the spray paint was a beautiful blue color with white pin stipes.
    The only picture I have found of something similar Is Red.
    Any suggestions on how to know what It Is worth?

  5. I was very happy to come across this bike. I have one also and was trying to find the year of it.
    The number stamped on the frame is 146, w/ an extra ping on the 6 just offset and canted.