Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mundo: Fixie Mock-Up

I spent a couple hours this afternoon removing all of the crusty bits from "The Mundo." As long as I had everything off, I thought I'd throw a couple of things on it to see what it might look like as a fixed gear. The bars and seat are from the Huffy/Raleigh. I'm seriously thinking about using the bars, but they'll need a shim to fit the stem because they're not thick enough. The saddle, of course, is not a keeper, but just to see what a saddle would look like on it, and to rest on when flipped over.

I think it's going to look pretty sexy if I can pull it off. Even just mocked-up, I like it a lot. Thinking of redoing the baby? sky? blue paint with the head tube between the lugs painted white with some sort of custom head badge/decal. Although, as my grandmother used to say, I might be putting the cart before the horse.

The photo below is all of the stuff I took off, except the ape-hanger handlebars, which I'm going to try to clean up and resell. Quite a pile! And yes, that is the front axle still attached to the basket support. The nut on that side is frozen. In the photo above, a hex wrench is doing duty as a temporary axle.


  1. Sometimes, heating up a recalitrant nut with a torch will break it loose.

  2. I've been given that advice for stuck stems, pedals, and seat posts, too, but I've still never bought a torch! Maybe it's time, eh?

  3. Thom, I've got a cheapo iso butane you can use if you like. Homedepot sells them for about 14 dollars; comes in a blue bottle.

  4. Do it!

    Drop the bars a bit lower, raise the seat a bit higher, so you can really lean into it.

    One brake on the front wheel, mounted to the left side of the bar.

    Fenders. Brooks saddle.

    This is gonna be one hot fixie!

  5. Thanks Giuseppe, I think it's gonna happen! Slowly, however... At the moment that seatpost ain't a-goin' no where and a whole mess of other problems, too. Plus, I think there's still about 1,000 spiders living in the frame.