Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Retro-Awful Bicycle Safety

Remember my post last year about the scary-as-all-get-out bicycle safety film for kids from the 1960s? Apparently, it's a rich genre. Danny and the Demoncycle is the comic book tale of a heedless young lad who's into dangerous riding. It takes a concussion-induced trip on Satan's (er, Santa's) "Demoncycle" to teach him the error of his ways. There's all sorts of condescending tips, like don't ride through busy intersections, don't ride at night, and ride your bike "like a grown-up car driver," and there are some great one-liners ("what's a guy like me doing in an antiseptic dump like this?"), but the moral of the story is ultimately a good one: never accept bicycles from Satan.


  1. My favourite line:

    "Sorry pal, no passengers! Doubling on a single bike is like suicide and murder!"


    Thanks for that.


  2. Yeah, I love that! I had a really hard time deciding which image to grab for the post; it was a toss-up between that one and the one I went with.

  3. Currently I think 3 of my bikes are from Satan, or at least the difficulties I've been having with them would make one think....

  4. "Sorry pal, no passengers! Doubling on a single bike is like suicide and murder!"

    Right. Obviously no-one told the Dutch, so it's legal there.

    But then, if no-one though bikes were dangerous rolling death traps, how would they sell cars to teenagers?

  5. Amazingly funny. The "...like suicide and murder" comment is my favourite too. So very far removed from the actual level of danger.