Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Love: CyclingChicken

I've recently come across the wonderful blog CyclingChicken, a husband/wife effort, which covers (as you might imagine) both using bikes and raising chickens, as well as some other topics. One of the many wonders of the Interwebs is the ability to catch a glimpse into other people's lives, and to draw inspiration and knowledge from their experiences. The husband-half of CyclingChicken initially contacted me about his 1971 Raleigh, and some of the very cool DIY modifications he has made in order to convert it to a cargo bike, including this really amazing front rack made from (among other things) an old washing machine lid. This (not to mention the chickens) really speaks to the heart and soul of DIY work--moving away from a reliance on commercially produced and marketed products, and toward an ethic of self-sufficiency, innovation, and skill. Bravo, CyclingChicken, keep up the good work! 


  1. Thanks, Thom! We recieved 20 views today, the most ever. How's that fixie coming along?

  2. Glad to spread the BlogLove! Fixie's coming along very slowly, as it will for some time. Basically still dismantling, evaluating, and cleaning. Then starts the long process of accumulating new parts. The Huffeigh grocery-hauler is first priority right now. No, that's not true, finishing my dissertation and getting my PhD is first priority!