Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reader Project: Shelly's 1970s Raleigh Tourist

OBB reader and upcoming guest blogger Shelly of Riding Pretty has recently become the custodian of this lovely early 1960s Raleigh Tourist. Since it came from a good home, this bike needs very little in the way of work. Says Shelly:

As far as I know the only changes the previous owner made were to remove the headlight and put on a basket. He also added the very nifty bike stand.... So far I only need to adjust the seat post, and replace the tires, which are only slightly okay to ride on because there are cracks in the sidewalls....My future plans for her are to add a fully enclosed chain guard and add a skirt guard.... She also needs a reflector for the rear fender and a headlight that I can fit on the front in addition to the basket that is already on her.

FYI, Shelly and I are hoping to post the first installments of our mutual guest-blogging effort next week. Shelly's environmentally friendly bike cleaning tips will appear here, and I'll give a few pointers on getting started on an old bike project at Riding Pretty.


  1. Beautiful bike Shelly. I love how the seat stays connect to the main tube at the top by the seat post. Looks really cool!

  2. thanks to Thom for hosting pictures of my bicycle...

    ianchowmiller...thank you!

  3. Sorry, but that particular Raleigh is from the late seventies, early eighties. There should be a date code on the rear hub. However, it is still very similar to sixtie's models, and is a great bike regardless. I have one as well, of about the same vintage.

  4. @ Anonymous: Thanks, I'm going by what Shelly tells me regarding the date--that's all I know.

  5. Anon...I bumbled back here and found your comment last night. Becoming OCD driven I researched and researched. Oh my gosh, you're right!

    I purchased this bike off SFCraigslist. In the ad it was advertised & listed as circa 1968. I totally trusted the previous owner's word...he worked his entire life in bike shops and had a major collection of various bikes going back 30 plus years. He himself bought the bike from American Cyclery in SF in the early 90's, at least that's what he said anyway.

    So What is the telltale identifier? It's the Raleigh lettering. Slanted (like what's on my bicycle) means it's from the 1970's and later and upright lettering means it's from the 1960's or earlier. So there you have it.

    For about 2 hours I was really upset and thought about recontacting the person I bought it from. I decided against it. I like my bicycle, so that's that.

    Thom... I guess if you want you can change the title of this post to reflect the correct age of this bicycle.

  6. Not to be even more OCD about it, but I'd say this bicycle is early '70s, not late, and definitely not '80s. The frame on mine is pretty much identical, and mine is stamped 1973. The chainguard on Shelly's bike seems to be a more modern component, but that could have easily been added at a later date. Another unusual thing about this bicycle, is that it does not have the white patch on the back of the rear fender. It has either been painted over, or the fender was at some point replaced.

    In any case, I would not be to bothered by the exact date of production or by the idiosyncrasies. These loop frame Raleighs are very difficult to find, and yours looks to be in unusually excellent condition. Awesome bike!

  7. Filigree...Congrats to you, the proud owner of your brand new (old) DL-1! Let's see as of this date (being early November) you've had your Dl-1 for a little over a month now. I do hope you are enjoying the ride. I've had my Dl-1 almost a year now. It took 1 year of determined searching to find her... So YES you are absolutely right about how rare these are to find especially in excellent condition like mine is.

    Amazing just what diligent research can turn up, just may be more OCD...that is, now your new passion is seemingly the DL-1 ;) Smile. Smile.

    Beauties aren't them!

  8. Hi.. in my country mexico we love those bicycles raleigh... becouse the frame is very ligh and whit modern pices like: aluminiun wheels and disc brakes, natural color tires, i have one of dose whit some campagnolo pices and was a winer 3 times in competitions... i'm loking for another one for to transform in my stile .... hoo whit crome over the rust is dead... sorry for my inglish!!!

  9. Did you determine the year on this bike yet? Definitely Late 70s, early 80s. Late 70s models didn't have the white tip on the rear fender, or come with the classic round mudguard reflector. Also, the Brooks B66 and the chainguard are consistent with the 1977 and later models. The Herons in the chainwheel facing "backwards" was a change that was made in 1975 or 1976. Also, the front fender is attached to brazed-on tabs instead of directly to the wheel hub- this is a change that occurred sometime after 1975. I've got three DL-1s; a 1974, 1976, and a 1978. They're all subtly different in these ways.