Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Look, New Links

So you've probably noticed that the OBB has undergone yet another design change over the recent hiatus. My goal was to clean the page up a bit, remove a lot of unnecessary or distracting elements, and just generally class up the joint.

I've also added bunches of links to the sidebar, including:

My Flickr Photostream, which includes a lot of shots of my bikes that don't make it up here. I've got a bunch of Huffeigh before pictures right now, and several on the cleaning process.

A whole slew of Sturmey-Archer resources, including links to manuals, guides, articles, etc. I was originally planning a new blog dedicated to S-A servicing, but decided that I didn't really need another new project. Check the sidebar for new category "Sturmey-Archer 3-Speed Resources."

Additions to the "Information and Resources" list include a huge collection of vintage catalogs, and a link to the Bicycle Info Project.

The "Miscellany" links have also grown, including a link to the Bicycle Museum of America, some great vintage Raleigh (and other) posters, and the very cool DIY site BikeHacks.

Anyway, lots of good stuff there to keep you entertained for a while. This is going to be a good year for the OBB, I think, as more readers trickle in, more folks take the plunge into working on old bikes, and as I try to expand the content and maybe take things in new directions. And, as always, the OBB remains a completely ad-free blog! (if you're wondering why I think this is important, click on the ad-free owl on the sidebar).

Oh, and I'm always looking for new Reader Projects, so if you're working on an old bike, any old bike, send me a photo (preferably a before photo, but after is okay too; side-view, full bike) and a little bit about what you know about the bike, and/or what work you plan to do with it.


  1. Thanks for the vintage catalogs. I found my Raleigh Marathon under Retro Raleighs. It's got a 1983 build date but does not appear until the 1984 catalog.