Friday, January 23, 2009

Huffy/Raleigh Paint Before

I promised a post on the condition of the Huffeigh's paint a while back, so here it is. The top tube and head tube definitely need to be done, as well as the chain stays and seat stays (sorry for the crummy photos).
The fenders too, and the chain guard. 
The down tube and seat tube just need to be touched-up in a few places, but not fully redone. I'm also considering the "silver paint trick" on the chromed parts that have lost their chrome, which includes parts of both brake levers, the brake calipers themselves, and a spot on the front hub. I'll definitely keep y'all posted about how that works and just what exactly I end up doing.


  1. Interesting, and greatly readable blog!

  2. Thanks Will, just checked your blog--something like this has been needed around here for a long time, I think. I'll definitely be following along.