Monday, December 29, 2008

The Huffeigh's New Saddle

To be more in keeping with the Huffeigh's British roots, I've decided to replace the vulgar Taiwanese vinyl-and-rust job that was on it with a "vintage" (read: "old") Brooks B-72 purchased on eBay. It needs cleaning, but it's otherwise in fine shape, and is going to make quite a difference, both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. I like the well-worn look, since I think a brand-new saddle looks a bit odd on a bike that is also well-worn. It will darken a bit with cleaning and oiling, which will be good, since it will better match the black bike and (the eventual) new black grips. The photo below illustrates the simplicity of the Brooks compared to the mess that is the underside of the Taiwanese Wonder-Saddle.


  1. Score one for you! My old Raleigh has a B-72, and it is unbelievably comfortable, as opposed to those vinyl jobbies, which are hopelessly uncomfortable.

    What is your preferred method of leather cre for these oldies? I like a mixture of saddle soap and shoe polish, myself.

  2. I usually use saddle soap and neatsfoot oil, which is what I used on my horse tack back when I was riding a different kind of saddle. I soaped and oiled the very old Brooks that was on the Runwell and it came out passably well. Just tonight I saddle soaped this one and it came out looking quite lovely without needing the oil. It all depends on how dry the leather is. Actually, it turned out so well, I think I'm going to do a post on it tomorrow. Stay tuned!