Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Buzz About Old Bikes

Okay, so my blog post title puns aren't as good as some, but I try. This post isn't much on content, but I thought it was interesting and wanted to pass along that I found this little buzzy fellow in the seat tube of the Huffeigh, looking a bit cleaner but otherwise very much like this guy, who was found in the bottom bracket of the Columbia. Has anyone else found yellow jackets, hornets, or wasps in the frames of their old bikes? Is that a thing? Or is it just the bikes that I end up with?


  1. I think they just have a liking for small holes in general.

    I keep having to dig bees out of the lock on my shed door if I don't use a key in it for a while in the summer. They gum the entire workings up with pollen and larvae...

    Maybe you should call your Huffy a "Vespa" instead... Speaking of which, I've decided to put my scooter on the road again in Spring 2009. Needs some work...

  2. CITIZEN RIDER found maggots in a headset:


    Does that count?


  3. Gurg. Thanks? for the link...I think.

  4. I found a huge back widow--from Paris, Texas I assume-- in the handlebars of the Manhattan--luckily i decided to reverse blow out the bars with a shop vac after removing the grips

  5. Yikes, at least all my finds are dead! Although on my fixed-gear project, I did find a lot of little squirmy larvae-type things.