Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who's That Blogger?

I'm pleased to announce a new periodic feature on the Old Bike Blog, written by Shelly from Riding Pretty. Shelly will be guest-blogging about green products and methods for cleaning and fixing-up your old (or new) bike. I'll be returning the favor by guest-blogging at Riding Pretty about some basic tasks to confront at the beginning of an old bike refurbishing, including changing tires and tubes, adjusting saddle and handlebar height, chain care, brake maintenance, and lots of other things. 

Both features will be aimed at helping new cyclists get to work on that old Schwinn or Huffy that's been collecting dust in the garage, but more experienced gear-heads might benefit too, especially from Shelly's green tips and tricks. So, watch this space over the coming weeks for Shelly's guest posts, and check out Riding Pretty for my bike care basics.

1 comment:

  1. Thom... So glad this posting has gone up!!!
    I hurried up and got a mutual 'OldBikeBlod Guest Posting Intro' put up today on RidingPretty.

    Truth be told I'm actually more of a 'noob' than I like admitting, so I look forward to learning from you, Thom.

    OldBike Blog Readers: I do know a thing or two about green/eco methods, so watch out for some useful info coming this way.

    Please send any of your eco/green
    bicycle tips and comments in.
    Let's make this a good place to share and dialogue.