Saturday, November 29, 2008

1955 Huffy/Raleigh Sportsman

This is my new project for winter: a 1955 Huffy Sportsman, made by Raleigh, with a Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub. This guy is a bit the worse for the wear, and I think quite a lot is going to have to be replaced. The chrome is mostly shot, and the frame has got a good bit of rust, but it's a solid old "British steel" bike. All of the components are Raleigh-made, and many of them are stamped "Raleigh Industries."

My favorite part is the chainring with the letters "NR", which I can only assume stands for "Nottingham Raleigh" (Update: nope, it's R.I.N. for Raleigh Industries Nottingham; the "I" is a bit hard to see). I haven't been able to find any other examples on the intertubes of this particular chainring design (wrong again--apparently common for brands taken over by Raleigh. See this thread at, about 2/3 down the page, as well as this bike).

My final goal is for this to be a cargo bike, all fitted out with racks and baskets and whatnot. I've got a lot more photos up at my Flickr account, with a bit of explanatory text, so go check them out. And, of course, I'll be blogging about the restoration here as I go. The previous owner has even promised to check in, as he expressed a desire to see this old bike returned to its former glory. I'll do my best!


  1. Nice find...!

    Doesn't that chainring say R.I.N. (Raleigh Industries Nottingham)?

  2. Well, knock me down and call me Judy!--I didn't even see that "I" in there! You're absolutely right, R.I.N.--thanks for spotting that.

  3. Hello from Australia, I would just like to leave a comment to say great blog. Please keep the pictures coming, I will be checking back, I enjoy seeing photos of classic and not so classic old bikes!

  4. Yup...another Sweet Find! I wish there were more of those to be found around here. My winter project list consists of finishing the ones from the past two winters that I haven't gotten done yet :-(


  5. Aaron, thanks, I was happy to find it. It's funny you say that, because Southern California is not exactly the land of old bikes--I've just gotten lucky. Although, given the amount of work this one is probably going to require, I don't know if "lucky" is the right word!