Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Runwell Head Badge Revealed

I've been trying to determine exactly what my faded and worn head badge used to look like on the Runwell.  I knew there was an image of a boy or man running, but many of the details were lost. Without an example of the company logo to go on, I was pretty much out of luck. Fortunately, someone doing research on the company at the University of Warwick offered to look for an example of the logo for me. They were able to get me a scan, which was still a bit blurry, which I then cleaned up, traced, and colored to get close to what was originally on my bike. Given my utter lack of artistic ability, I think it turned out okay. So, here's what I ended up with:

The head badge on the bike:
The scan of the logo:
And my ham-fisted rendering (with full, pouty lips):
Upon closer inspection, it looks like the words have a slight shadow outline, so I'll have to go back and work on that. It feels good to resurrect a nearly-lost piece of bicycle history. 

Oh, and I added a basket.  More on that later.


  1. Are you going to print up a new headbadge?

  2. I don't know, I'd like to, but I want to do it right, and I'm not sure how best to go about it. Obviously, my hand-drawn mockup isn't going to cut it, so I'd have to find a better way to get the reproduction clean and add the color. Any ideas?

  3. Thom, to be honest, I prefer your hand-drawn efforts! Why not just scan it in higher resolution and tidy it up on screen?

    I've had some success making up decals using an acrylic varnish process. It essentially allows you to transfer any laser-printed image to almost any substrate. Obviously there's a problem with achieving white on black but there's potentially a way around it.

    I'll try to write up a howto...material is called "Transcryl".

  4. hi,i also have a 30s ladies runwell.i also need decals for a rebuild.there are none available from decal stockists in uk.cheers,bob.