Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where has Hank & Me Gone?

Update: Thanks to a tip from Charlotte, we now have an explanation, via the Chicago Bike Blog.

Has anyone noticed that the wonderful Chicago-based bike blog "Hank and Me" has disappeared from the interwebs? Does anyone know what happened? 

Based on her last few posts, aLex had had a nasty run-in with a driver who apparently swerved towards her as a threat, then a bad experience with a 911 operator who didn't seem to care. I believe this was in August, and I haven't seen any new posts come across my feed reader since. I checked the actual site yesterday and it had been removed.

I hope everything is okay. We miss you, Hank & Me!


  1. Yeah, they announced they were taking it down and did. They said that aLex is doing fine, she just doesn't want to post anymore.

    I think you can find info over on the Chicago Bike Blog.

  2. Ok….sounds reasonable….still, the last photograph posted was a bit disconcerting….

  3. Yeah, that photo has been haunting me, too. Apparently all is well, though, and I respect her decision to pull the blog, whatever prompted it.