Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Runwell's Franken-pedal

I've tried boiling water, I've tried penetrating oil, I've tried sheer brute force, I've taken it to a bike shop, I've taken the pedal apart to gain better leverage, I've bent two (cheap) wrenches, I've even yelled at it, but the left pedal WILL-NOT-BUDGE (yes, I'm turning it the correct way--left side pedal loosens clockwise). So, I finally hit upon the idea of dismantling my new block pedal from Harris Cyclery, and simply rebuilding the old pedal around the stuck spindle with the new blocks. After much cajoling, everything worked out fine. The pedals are still somewhat mismatched, with the right one being wholly new, and the left only having new rubber, but it looks better than it did. In fact, I may do the same with the other pedal at some point, as I do like the look of the old pedals. And with that, I'm finally really done. I have plans to take it on a big ride around town, hopefully over the weekend, and take some "glamour shots" of the bike in various appropriate locations.


  1. Nicely done! That's my kind of Yankee Ingenuity. Not bad for a west-coaster.

  2. Ha! Yeah, sometimes we have our moments! I'll tell you, though, it was a real pain (literally) getting those blocks wrestled on/off. My wife is glad this project is done so my fingernails will finally be clean again, and the scabs on my knuckles will heal. They're all badges of pride, as far as I'm concerned, though.

  3. Latex gloves or nitrile as your dentist wears are very handy. I go thru a lot of them intraorally and on the Bikes. Ed DDS with 16 and a half bikes. (one tag a long for the little bikers)