Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Runwell: Just Another Teaser

Still working on the fenders, the brakes and pedals should arrive next week, then a couple coats of polish and done! I'm already putting together my wishlist of accessories to accumulate over the next few months, including a bell and a retro headlamp from Velo Orange, and long-term a new Brooks.

Also, I took him on a night ride around the 'hood last night and it was pure joy to glide around in utter silence and darkness (excepting my headlight). Sitting upright in total comfort, I just cruised about, taking it all in--truly a Slow Bicycle moment.


  1. When you do finally get around to buying that new Brooks, go for the Honey color. Nothing is sharper on a black bike with cork grips.

  2. Heck yeah! I wish those buggers weren't so expensive, or I'd have one to put on it right now. I laughed when I looked at the Brooks site because they're now offering "aged" versions of their saddles. I wonder if I could pass my original off as "aged" and get a couple hundred dollars for it? Then I could buy a shiny new one!

  3. Have you seen the Brooks promotional film? Should be on uTube...

    What have you done about paint? Was the original paint still good?

  4. Not seen the Brooks film yet, but I'll check it out. I'm just painting the fenders (mudguards, as y'all say), because they were in such bad shape. The frame could be better, but has cleaned up nicely, so I'll leave it for now. The fork is a bit worse, but still passable, so I'm leaving it. I'll probably have it professionally painted sometime down the road when I have it re-chromed. Could be quite a while yet, though, not really on the agenda or in the budget for this round of work. I'll post some close-ups of the chrome and paint when the whole thing is put back together this coming week.