Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Runwell: First Photos

Here's the "before" photo from the Craigslist posting, and the rest are from today--I'm finished! These didn't really turn out very well, and I'll post some better ones later, but I just had to put these up! Actually the rackafratzin' left pedal is still stuck fast, so I've still got that to work on. Right now, the right pedal is shiny and new, and the left is dirty and old. Otherwise, I'm incredibly pleased with how the polish went on, how the fenders turned out, and just really totally psyched about the whole package, actually! The rod brake works wonderfully, as does the coaster hub, and the saddle is the only thing that makes noise, and that just needs a bit of oil in some strategic places underneath.


  1. Congratulations! I've enjoyed watching this project from the beginning, thank you for writing about it, and posting photos. Have an excellent time with your new ride!

  2. Congratulations! It looks just lovely. You must be very pleased with such a good job.

  3. Nice! Looks to be a rakish ride. I like the "tan-line" on the seatpost too...a typical British tourist! :c)

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love how lean and black it is, it looks like something from an Edward Gorey illustration.

  5. Awesome! Truly aesome. Now all you need are some tweed knickers and argyle socks.

  6. Thanks everybody! It's lovely to hear from my "regulars."

    Terry, I hope you'll keep checking in, too, more antics to come!

    Charlotte, I *am* ridiculously pleased, but the perfectionist in me still sees all the little flaws and things still to do. Right now, I'm telling him to shut up.

    RB, that seatpost might still have to go, we'll see. It matches my tan lines, too, though!

    Renee, yes it does look Gorey-esque. I'm thinking of calling it The Bicycle of Propriety after my favorite Gorey bicycle illustration.

    Guiseppe, what makes you think I don't already have them? ;-) But seriously, yes, the accumulation of accessories and proper attire begins now!