Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old is the New New

I whipped this up real quick-like today as a side-bar widget for the Old Bike Blog. This is my first try at such a thing, so it might be refined in the weeks to come. If folks are so inclined, this could be added to a blog or site and linked back here. Just click and save the image, add it to your design template, and link it here.  I wanted to make it stylish, intriguing, and not be too obnoxious about putting "Old Bike Blog" everywhere on it (or anywhere on it). 

Would anyone besides me be interested in a t-shirt with this design?


  1. Hello!

    Great image! Yes, I'd be interested in a t-shirt - that's much more logistically practical than the actual bike. One can dream....

    Have a great day!

  2. I would wear such a t-shirt till it was threadbare. May I suggest navy blue ink on a grey heather t-shirt?

  3. I like Giuseppe's color advice. I like the image without any words at all. The image is clean and says enough without words. Thanks Ed size 38 chest Medium ? Image on back would be good too and a reflective strip @20 bucks plus shipping 2.78 ?