Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurtling Toward Another Great Depression

I don't usually get into economic matters here, other than to say that DIY work on old bikes is a thrifty way to keep yourself mobile, but I want to take that a half-step farther today in light of the dire financial news that broke yesterday and today. With big finance falling about our ears in a manner akin to the early days of the Great Depression, it's yet another reminder to take a good look back at the strategies that kept some working families afloat during the 1930s, including the use of bicycles as transportation, a policy of repair instead of replacement, and an ethic of save, save, save. Our financial infrastructure, our transportation infrastructure, and the prejudices many Americans still harbor against "old" things are the lingering products of post-WWII prosperity, but as it becomes evident that this financial trouble is not going to simply go away, hard times will prove more instructive than prosperous ones for furnishing a path forward. And what better way to ride that path than on an old bike?

Image: From Flickr user laurasmoncur, used with permission.

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  1. Interesting: 14 months and no comments. We are all holding our breath. Thom you are right few people appreciate old things and repair what is good and solid. Too many people watch and wait and do nothing with their hands except work the remote TV control and watch someone else cut their grass. Give me a wrench and a bike and a cup of coffee and I am outside . rather watch the clouds than mindless TV. Just do it and go . Good blog and thanks Eduard with no stocks or bonds but 16 and a half bikes. (one for each pair of shoes maybe)