Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Runwell Preview

Just a couple of teaser photos after a busy Saturday of work. Had a successful trip to the bike shop this morning and picked up most of the remaining essentials. Still have to place an order with Harris for the remaining, and to finish up a good deal of the "cosmetic" work. Unfortunately, along those lines, these photos show the limitations of my cleanup effort, especially due to deteriorated nickel and/or chrome plating and a bit of rust still showing on the frame. Oh well, still better than when I found it, for sure.


  1. Sir:

    I most humbly accept your huzzahs recently posted.

    May I suggest a mutually beneficial arrangement? In the cause of gentlemen cyclists & nutters everywhere, perhaps we exchange links on out respective blog rolls?

    Your dutiful servant (etc.,etc.),

    da'Square Wheelman

  2. hello,

    where did you find those handles?


  3. @ bosozoku: those are cork grips from Velo Orange

    which I cut down to match the size of the original grips. For bar-end plugs, I whittled down a couple of short pieces of wooden dowel rod and varnished them at the same time I varnished the grips. The result is fairly uniform in color, and quite waterproof. See the after photos of the Runwell in other posts for the results--I'm pretty happy with them.