Friday, August 29, 2008

The Runwell: Day, Uh, 13? 14?

Honestly, I've lost track of the days. I've been working on sanding/chipping the old paint off the fenders, and priming, painting, and top-coating them. I'm about half-way through that process now. I also gave the frame a rubdown with rubbing compound, which really brought out the shine and deepened the color. No more pictures of the frame or fenders (well, maybe the fenders) until I'm all done--don't want to spoil the suspense!  

My cork grips from Velo Orange arrived yesterday, and I promptly set about cutting them down so they would fit on the Runwell's smallish handlebars. Because I lopped about two inches off the end of each grip, I was left with open-ended grips that needed bar plugs (it was an aesthetic choice not to take the two inches off the already-open end of the grips). To match the color of the cork grips (and boost my DIY cred), I whittled two plugs out of some scraps of 1" wooden dowel I had laying around. 

I'll varnish these separately, then put the grips and plugs on the bars and varnish them both together to create a good water-tight seal. I'll be running to the bike shop this weekend to hopefully get my tires, tubes, rim tape, chain, and new spoke. Then, it's an order from Harris Cyclery of rod-pull brake shoes, new block pedals, and perhaps a new seatpost (to replace the original angled post that seats me too far forward). Once all that is assembled, I'll give the frame a couple coats of polish and I'll be done. I won't say when that will be, for fear of jinxing the whole operation, but soon, I hope.


  1. I'm so excited, it all looks amazing! You're much faster than I am. My project is languishing.

  2. Yeah, I'm getting pretty impatient. The end is in sight, and I just want to see it finished! In all fairness, I think I started my project before you started yours, and mine is a handy way to procrastinate doing actual work, which I'm highly motivated to do.

  3. Is that a mumbled confession on your part? :c)

  4. About procrastinating? I don't think I mumbled at all! :-)
    I proudly own my procrastination.

  5. What a beautiful journey you've had...and the bike too! It's a lesson on so many levels about diligence, respect and responsibility to all that's come before us. Well done!