Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Runwell: Day 8 1/2

File this under "echoes of former glory." While I (still) wait for my cleaning solution for the rear wheel to arrive, I cleaned up the fenders, which had gone untouched since I took them off on Day 1. In terms of dents and dings, they actually look better than I thought, but the paint is in sorry shape. What's worse, actually, on both front and rear fenders, there are small protected areas where the paint retains its original shine and even remnants of the gold pin-striping that used to be there. I'd almost rather not see how it used to look, actually, it makes me sad.

I had been thinking about just leaving the fenders off when I reassembled the bike, but now I'm thinking that sanding them, priming them, and spray-painting them gloss black can't be any worse than keeping them in their present state. I can already hear the howls of dismay from the purists out there, but I refer you to my earlier post on painting. Someday I'll have the bike professionally repainted and re-chromed, but I've got to get it up and running again first, and why not have some nice-looking fenders until then, right?


  1. That one spot is *remarkably* well preserved...

    What a pity "copy & paste" doesn't work where you need it most!

  2. I agree with you about the painting issue. Like the goofy beast I'm struggling to fix up, a new coat of paint did wonders for the cosmetics of it. Besides, if you don't repaint those fenders, they're just going to keep on rusting. I say paint 'em! :)

  3. The crime isn't painting it, the crime was letting it get to that state in the first place.

    Paint it, ride it, love it, make it a useful beautiful bike.

    That's my opinion.

  4. Thanks guys, yeah, I'm pretty firmly a disciple of the Church of "Paint It, Ride It, Love It."

    And RB, let me just say that "copy and paste" is second on my list of computer stuff I wish I could export to the "real" world. The first one is "Find".

    I'm going to start this week on the sanding, priming, and painting, so pics will be up soon, I hope!

  5. In my life, "Undo" ranks up there too! :c)