Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Runwell: Day 7

I finally finished scrubbing the rust off the handlebars today, and found a chrome situation not to be envied. Well, it's not that bad, and it looks better in the picture, but there are definitely some spots where the chrome is gone, and the spots under the grips (not shown here) are quite badly rusted. I used fine steel wool and rubbing compound, followed by buffing with Brasso and a soft cloth. I think I've decided not to have everything re-chromed and re-painted just now. I really want to get the bicycle back together and try it out before investing that kind of money on it.

Next, I think I'm going to tackle the chain. A lot of people just chuck an old rusty chain without a second thought, but I've always had good luck cleaning them up and re-using them. I think this one is actually fairly new, too, and just looks like hell because it was stored outside. Well, I'll at least make a go at it, and see what it looks like under all that surface rust. EDIT: Never mind, I got to looking at it, and decided it's just not worth it to clean up the old chain, and that's saying something for a cheapskate like me.


  1. I'm really enjoying looking at your blog! I'm refurbishing an old bike, too, a Rollfast cruiser from the 50's. This 20's bike of yours will be beautiful when you're done! :) Renee

  2. Sweet! I think the Runwell and the Rollfast should get married and have a kid named Runfast (or Rollwell, I suppose). I'm adding you to my blogroll immediately. Also, I do an occasional feature called "Reader Projects"--may I have permission to abstract some of your blog text and use a couple of your photos? It might bring a few more readers your way.

  3. Oh thanks! That would be awesome! I'm waiting on some parts for my bike, so it's sort of a loooong process. Hopefully, I'll have it put back together and post some pics of it within a week or so.