Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Runwell: Day 6

Today's tasks (because I just couldn't fathom another day of rust-scrubbing) involved cleaning and repacking the front hub, which went quite well, and dismantling the rear hub just to see what was in there and how bad it was. I knew it would be pretty gummy and dirty because the rear wheel barely turns. I had no idea. The photo on top shows the relative positions of the major pieces before I wiped the worst of the gunk off (yes, I know it needs gunk to work, but this stuff was--and still is--pretty badly gummed-up). The middle photo shows a more exploded view of the components, and the third photo shows them with the worst of the old grease wiped off.  

Also, having never taken apart a single-speed hub before, I was surprised at the complexity of the mechanisms. I mean, it's nothing compared to a three-speed hub, which frankly scares the ever-loving crap out of me, but I wouldn't have thought that just a single-speed would have so many moving parts. I can't find any exploded diagrams of single-speed hubs, and the outside of this one is still too rusty to find a manufacturer's stamp. Does anyone know if there's a general guide or diagram to one-speed hubs out there on the interwebs? I'd like to know what all the little bits are called.


  1. You've got yourself a coaster brake there, I would say! That would also explain the lack of a rear rod brake...

    Just so happens I might have an exploded diagram of how these are meant to look. I'll try to scan it in and email it to you later today.

    It doesn't have the name Perry on it anywhere, does it?

  2. No kidding? I guess that *would* explain the lack of a rear rod brake. I'd much appreciate the scan, if you can find the diagram. I still can't make out any manufacturer's marks, but as cleaning progresses, I should find one. BTW, revealing my ignorance, what is it that identifies it as a coaster brake?

  3. The big actuator arm hanging off the side. A standard rear hub just looks like a heavier-duty version of the standard front hub. I had one as a kid before I got my first three speed and had it stripped into pieces sooner than I probably should... :c)

  4. Ah, okay, I was wondering about that, but I'm new at this single-speed business, so it didn't immediately register what it was for. Thanks again.