Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Old Bikes Everywhere!

Over at Chic Cyclist, Charlotte has been posting some "bike makeovers" lately, which are quite lovely. Her usual photos of stylish cyclists around Boston also regularly feature old bikes. Neat!

Image from Chic Cyclist.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I've been enjoying your Runwell restoration series. I am especially interested because I hope to be starting my own restoration next week.

    Baldman sure did a great job on his art bikes, huh?

  2. They're great--but what makes them "art" bikes, specifically? You must let me do a Reader Projects feature on your restoration--any hints about what it might be?

  3. Well, they're not restorations - they're statements.

    The bike is a 1954 Dawes, picked up at the factory in 1954 (that's how I'm so sure!) by an old family friend who was doing her Junior Year Abroad that year. She's had it in her basement for at least 20 years since she last took it out and said "I really must ride this thing" and didn't. She did say she had new tires put on then.

    It's a man's frame 3-speed and I'll pick it up on Saturday when I go down to throw my Aunt Charlotte her 97th birthday party. Good times!