Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Runwell: Day 3

Today's big task was the front wheel: getting the rims, spokes, and hub cleaned and inspected. Everything seems true and tight and sturdy, and it certainly looks better now than it did. I used a combination of light oil and steel wool, and Brasso polish. I also had a go at removing the pedals, but was only able to get one off.  The other is stuck fast and is going to need some serious help. The pedals weigh about half a pound each (a slight exaggeration, perhaps), which surprised me. I also got most of the paper or cardboard, or whatever was under the grips, off the handlebars, and realized that probably the worst rust on the bike was hiding under there. 

Once I get a rust treatment on, they should look better, and hopefully there's not too much damage. I guess I'd rather have it there than anywhere else, though. Work is probably going to slow down a bit, as I have more pressing obligations to attend to, but I'll keep posting my progress here as I go.


  1. Thanks for stopping by...!

    I had a similar experience painfully recently until I suddenly remembered that the right pedal slackens left and the left pedal slackens right...or is it the other way around?

    (Wanders off drawing circles in the air with a finger and muttering incoherently...)

  2. Ha! Yeah, I draw those circles in the air, too. You've got it right, or I should say, "correct":

    Left pedal=slackens clockwise
    Right pedal=slackens counter-clockwise (like normal)

    Now you've got me wondering which way I was trying to turn it! Crap!