Friday, June 20, 2008

The Revolution Will be Pedal-Powered

Inspiring words from Harv at the blog of Los Angeles-based C.I.C.L.E. [Cyclsits Inciting Change thru Live Exchange]:

It’s in the news daily now, oil (and gasoline) prices are hitting new highs and the whole world is concerned about it. Here in LaLa Land (Los Angeles) naysayers are lamenting that the City is dragging their feet about installing bike infrastructure and car drivers just won’t change their habits to seek alternate transportation. This may be true regarding the lack of infrastructure, but we are pressing on regardless. It is not true that the general public will not seek alternate transportation. It is happening as fast as it can....

We can advocate all we want and we will continue to do it. We can lean on our various Departments of Transportation, our Metro Authorities, our City Council, our Planning Committees, and our Traffic Commissions. It would be nice to get some positive response from these groups, but we are getting there anyway with and without their help. When confronted with a compelling problem, people will react with what seems to be the best solution for them. There are miles of paved streets in Los Angeles, many off of the main arteries that serve the crush of car traffic. It doesn’t take long to figure it all out. As word spreads about what kind of bike to ride, where to get it and where to ride it, our urban commuter numbers will increase and we will be accepted by the motoring public. It’s already happening, and this is just the beginning.

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