Wednesday, June 18, 2008

11 Tips for the Everyday Urban Cyclist

Alex from Hank and Me has posted an open letter to Chicago's new wave of urban cyclists. The entire post is just fantastic and is available here, but I wanted to excerpt the main points, since they apply to anyone on a bike in any city:

1. time for a check-up [for your bike]
2. get loaded [racks and bags]
3. stop being ms. nice gal/mr. nice guy [be assertive, claim your space]
4. ignore the horns
5. check it or wreck it [your temper, that is]
6. the most direct route is not always the safest
7. slow the $%^& down
8. it
can be your fault
9. they did not put ramps in the sidewalks for
10. put away the ipod
11. be kind to your fellow bikers


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