Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bent Axle

Well, there's yer problem.... So, I mentioned that my ride down to National City a couple of weeks ago brought to light some problems with the Peugeot that I hadn't noticed on shorter rides. Among these, the tendency of the back wheel to migrate ever-so-slightly to one side, and also for the wheel to get a little wobbly at the axle. You wouldn't think it would take a rocket scientist to figure out that the axle was bent, but it wasn't until I took the rear hub partially apart that I discovered the culprit (above). I've ordered a new axle from Harris Cyclery, which I hope will be the right size for the hub and dropouts, and the right threading for the hardware, which doesn't come with. When I get the axle, if it's what I need, I post the specs. Oh, and for anyone taking apart a hub, front or back, be aware that some hub bearings are loose (not held within a ring) and that little bearings can suddenly fall out and run all over the place if you're not ready for them. Not that that happened to me, mind you.

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