Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reader Project: Margaret's "Mystery English Bike"

Margaret from London writes that she has just picked up a circa-1920s English "mystery bike" that she plans to fix up and get working again. From Margaret's blog:

"This is a circa 1920s bike that I'm thinking of buying and fixing up. It's in fairly rag order, but the bits that are most important are still sound. The wheels (possibly including rims) and chain will definitely need replacing, but that is necessary in a lot newer bikes than this one! Look at the brake system, it's amazing! They are called rod brakes, and it's still possible to get brake blocks and everything for them. The bike is in Watford, which is around an hour out of London, but they claim that the wheels still turn, so i reckon I can get it back to the flat for some extensive surgery."

Anybody out there on the intertubes know what make/model this is? I'm guessing that careful perusal of some of the links in my "Information and Resources" section might yield some possibilities. Margaret promises more photos as she gets to work on her mystery machine, and maybe even a post or two on her process.

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