Thursday, February 28, 2008

Retro Peugeot Site

I know I haven't been so much with the blogging lately, but here's a very cool site for all those old Poo-show lovers out there: They've got galleries, old brochures and catalogs, and lots of info to help with dating your bike (that is, establishing the date of manufacture, nothing kinky). Looks like mine is definitely a UO-8 model and it falls in the 1974-1977 range, based on the chunky plastic headbadge. My favorite lines from the 1977 Owner's Manual:

"We hope we have caught your attention on the importance concerning careful maintenance of your machine for both your safety and pleasure. But we must remind you that your dealer is at your service, to advise you and to perform all the repairs requiring a certain technical competency and special equipment."

Seeing as how my "dealer" was a second-hand store down the street, I really doubt it. More posting soon, I hope.


  1. I just bought an old (somewhere between 74' and 76') Peugeot UO-8. I'm sureI'll be blogging about it's restoration on my blog soon.

    Great site by the way. I'm going to link to it on my blog now. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Peugeotphiles (Is that a word?!?)
    I'm looking for a pair of small, 10 tooth, Simplex "jockey wheels" for my rear derailleur.
    I've tried to replace the disintegrated Simplex jockey wheel with contemporary parts but the Simplex jockies have different bearing IDs.
    Does anyone out there have a suggestion about getting my hands on some replacement parts??? PLMK.

    The Peugeot PA-10E that I bought in the mid '70s was my first light weight bike.
    It's been hanging in my garage for about 18 yrs. It's in almost museum quality. Everything is original except the tires & handle bar tape. I even have the original Peugeot presta tire pump- it still works).
    Everything else still works smoothly.

  3. wow... sooo nice sight.. I have an old PX 10 , 1978, In my mind... in my websearches , I saw one model that look like the mine... perfect ride, very cool for daily transportation, in this times of botled traffic.... I'm very happy for about 10years with she... some day I'll sent U a pic from her!!!!!