Monday, November 26, 2007

A New Old Bike

Hmmm, well, I bought another bike (yeah, I know, this is how it starts). Actually, my father bought me an early Christmas present from 1,000 miles away. See, I was at a thrift store with my wife on Saturday (our version of Black Friday shopping), and I saw the bike sittin' there for $99, and it was on sale. I'd been wanting a road bike to use for exercise, since my Columbia is more for getting around town and less for longer-distance rides. I didn't buy it then, I just figured it was an unnecessary expense. But, I kept thinking about it, talked to my dad, and today went back and bought the darn thing for $69.99. My dad said it was the easiest Christmas shopping he'd ever done.

Here's the deal: from what I've been able to gather from the pundits on the web, it's a Peugeot UO-8, probably from the 1970s, although there seems to be some discrepancy with the serial number, which indicates it's from the 1980s. I guess Peugeot serial numbers can be a bit funky, and not always reliable to date the bike. This model was apparently imported into the U.S. in mass quantities during the 10-speed craze of the 1970s. It's not especially special, but it will get the job done. It's a steel frame, which I like, but it's still relatively light compared to my Columbia. I think it's a very nice-looking bike, although these pictures don't do it justice. I'll try to get some more up soon, but I ran out of batteries for the camera.

It needs to be cleaned up, the derailer needs to be adjusted, and the bearings might need grease. The cables look to be in good shape, but the brakes could be tightened up a bit and the shoes replaced. At some point the saddle and handlebar tape could also be upgraded, and the tires aren't in great shape, but they're fine for now. I'm NOT doing any painting on this one, but I'll chronicle my cleanup and have some "after" pictures.

Okay, Internet, I swear I'll only buy one more bike (for my wife), then I'll stop. Probably. Not. Oh, man...


  1. I have the exact same bike, only in white. I bought it back in 71 during the bicycle craze. I had to order it and waited 4 months for it. This was after selling my old Schwinn 10 speed 2 years before. It was a very good bike for the money in 71. Lugged frame nice paint and much lighter then the old Schwinn. Looking on Ebay, my old Peugeot if parted out is worth more then I paid for it new. Not that I would ever dare do such a thing. Oh the memories!

  2. I just reclaimed a PA10 from that era this last Fathers' Day. Unfortunately only the frame is original - my father bought it from a bike store in San Antonio texas in the 80s and had it built out as a fixed gear training bike (he road raced competitively).

    It's actually sized right for me, and I'll be restoring it over the coming weeks for use as a general purpose beater for getting around town.

    I just can't seem to decide between a geared or single speed setup =/

  3. Stop buying bikes when the basement is full and then fill the back porch. or, stop buying after the wife stops buying shoes. 67 pair for her 16 and a half bikes for me. Thanks Eduard soon to sell off the extras.