Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Long, Strange Trip

Well, it wasn't that strange, but it sure was long. Three weeks is a long time to be gone when you're a homebody like me. I spent a good amount of time doing research in central Illinois, then another week in my old stomping grounds in Chicago, where I snapped the pictures below. There were so many old bikes around Hyde Park, I couldn't hope to snap them all, but I got a few. It was great to see so many of them being used. Of course, most of them, the chain was squealing, the fenders were rattlin', and the tires needed air, but they were being ridden, at least. Of course, they were usually being ridden on the sidewalk and through stop signs, but whatever. Soon enough, I'll get back to the clearcoat and then reassembly on my own little machine. Hoo-ray!

{that says SEARS, by the way}

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  1. Cool! I have a Sears bike too! It's in terrible shape though. I found your blog and it makes me happy. I moved to IB last year from Austin. It's good to see so many riders out here.