Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Coat of Paint

WooHoo! I got the first coat on today, with pretty good results. I actually did two coats, spaced about 1 hour 45 minutes apart (as per the instructions on the can, which said to re-coat within two hours or wait 5 days). This photo is after the first coat, and the second coat darkened quite a bit and got a nice shine. My plan now is to let these first two coats dry for a few days (probably about a week), then buff everything with the "0000" steel wool very lightly and then do a third coat. Then I'll do the white parts (the lettering on the chain guard and the designs on the fork with the stencils, and also the back of the rear fender). I'm hoping that's going to do it for the paint. Then I'll let that sit about a week and do the clearcoat. By that time, I should have my new parts and be ready to put everything back together.

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