Friday, September 28, 2007


Mwa-ha-ha! My plans are coming to fruition! Don't know why they seem to be evil though...

My new shifter, cable, and indicator spindle arrived today from Harris Cyclery. Great turnaround in the shipping, by the way--just four days from the East Coast to Sandy Eggo. Now I just have to get to the bike store to get some bearing grease, new tires and tubes, new brake cables, a quick-release front axle (maybe), a cable cutter, and get my front rim trued. Oh, front rim, why aren't you true?

White paint/stencils this weekend!


  1. how much longer, do you think, 'til it's finished?

  2. Holy Crap! Someone actually reads this thing! I'm gonna try to get it done by mid-October, but it all depends on whether I can stay on schedule with the painting and clear-coating. That is, by far, taking the longest.

    How on Earth (or Net, I guess) did you find this blog?